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Ivan Lins Discografia Torrentzip
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April 21, 2014 |
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To be continued...
Like past lives, these two past lives were born into a particular social environment. The first life was definitely hell. The second was heaven, the Garden of Eden.
Historically, the childhood of the boy from Vienna was hell, because he was raised like a prince. He was taught music. He was taught to dance. He was trained to be able to play the piano or flute. He was surrounded by a huge amount of attention and love. It was childhood for him, he was a very sweet and desirable baby. Instead of returning to hell, the boy was raised high above the earth.
He grew up in a secular society. He was very handsome. But his mother was a prostitute. She was very beautiful. Her makeup was as awful as her body. She made him be very handsome. She made him very handsome, very sexy. She haunted him to make him even more beautiful.
And, of course, she did all this not out of malice alone. She did it all out of absolute love. She truly loved him.
She didn't want him dead, she only wanted his childhood to be happy.
He was happy with his mother. And he never felt pain, he never felt anything.
But as he grew up, he realized that he had to make a choice. He had to either feel happy and enjoy, or feel miserable and live in hell.
These were deep reflections throughout his life. He never hesitated. He did everything quickly and perfectly. Therefore, he was born on Earth. It was very easy for him. But life on Earth was not as magical as life in Heaven.
Paradoxically, you too can be reborn in hell when you die. You can return to the human state from the Gates of Hell and feel very good. But then you will remember how wonderful it was to be in paradise. You really didn't have a choice.
If you remember this state, it will be f02ee7bd2b